Monster sized phone + tablet = Phablet right? If it’s the Nokia Lumia 1520 it also means battery life or at least it does from one of our readers. The 1520 is massive and where the mobile consumer market once snubbed these devices, (remember the Dell Streak?) it now seems to be embracing them thanks to Samsung and the Note Series. Microsoft and it’s Windows Phone platform can now throw it’s hat in the ring with the Nokia Lumia 1520. With it’s 6 inch 1080p HD Screen, it’s quite a handful. Nokia stuffed a 3400mAh in the 1520 and advertises 24 hour talk time. I would think anyone holding this beast up for more than 15 minutes would be getting tired! Anyway, we got a heads up from Aaron that he is digging the battery life of the 1520 and I thought I would pass it along. Of course the email opened up a flurry of “I want it” among the team here at Mobility Digest. So what do you think? Too much phone for the causal reader or are you asking for one for Christmas? As usual comment away and like us on Facebookand Twitter please! “This is impressive. Its the energizer of phones.” Reader Submitted by Aaron


  1. I am getting about 2 days from the 1520, sitting on the couch, using WiFi only, in airplane mode to keep the cellular off.
    Next week it should become my daily phone, SIM card cutter should be here by the end of this week.
    So far it is good. Not very pocketable for jeans, but large pocket pants should be fine.
    Screen sensitivity is kinda too high. Needs more deliberate touches vs. glancing swipes. And then it doesn’t always register taps.
    Internet is slower than Chrome on the Nexus 5 over WiFi, so far.
    My Sony MW1 Bluetooth works without installing the app I need for Android. But I don’t know about SMS Notifications yet.
    It is going to be hard to choose which device I want to carry more, the Nexus 5 or the Nokia 1520, wish we could get more than one SIM for the number. I have a T-Mobile pay as you go SIM, but I don’t want to carry both devices.

    • As always mileage will vary. Glad there isn’t any evidence of bad battery life. Seriously considering buying it off contract.

  2. I am seriously considering this of contract to use with Skype and Lync. Well 1020 is giving me good battery life over 920, having bigger phone along with 1020 exclusively for communications stand point. Lync and Skype on 1020 are beautiful, but they will be more useable with bigger screen size, especially when you are having a live presentation going on.

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