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Official SkyDrive App Available For Windows Phones and iOS

Microsoft has just stepped up and furthered SkyDrive’s usefulness. Here’s the details for WP7:

Browse your entire SkyDrive—documents, photos, any and all of your files

Being able to see all your folders and files (of all types) is important for SkyDrive power users, as it helps facilitate sharing and file management.

Share any SkyDrive folder or file with one or more people

Pick a file of any type, or even a folder, and share it with as many people as you like. This uses the same “Get a link” mechanism as does—you can give the recipients view-only or view-and-edit permissions to your file.

Manage your SkyDrive

Organizing your folders and files just the way you like it is now possible with the SkyDrive app. Create a new folder for a new project or photo album, or delete old files or folders that you no longer need.

iPhone got a bump as well:

On the iPhone, we’ve taken the next step by making the new SkyDrive app for iPhone available in 32 languages worldwide. In addition to their OneNote notebooks, iPhone customers can now access all of their files in SkyDrive, create folders, delete files, and share links to folders and files directly using the Mail app.

And some video:

Here’s the iPhone download link. The Windows Phone one hasn’t populated yetAnd here’s the link for Windows Phone.