The first major app update that was done right in my opinion was LinkedIn. Not only did the team draw inspiration from a talented third-party developer they actually brought him on board to help with updating the official LinkedIn app. The result was a remarkable app that continues to please and delight utilizing platform specific features that should serve as an aspirational app for developers on the platform.

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A couple days ago we saw the official Twitter app get a major update. Everything from new features to UI changes and lock screen support were included. Most everyone I knew had moved away from the official Twitter app in favor of their favorite third-party apps like Rowi, Mehdoh, Birdsong, etc. The official Twitter app update is so good it has caused me to pin it on my Start Screen and rotate between it and Mehdoh. The pull to refresh your timeline is a pleasure to use. The autocomplete messaging function is awesome and the detailed notifications on the live tile and lock screen are all top notch pleasers.

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Contrast these two apps to the official Facebook and YouTube apps present on the platform and the difference is night and day. If these two apps (LinkedIn, Twitter) are any indication of the type of official apps we can expect from popular brands the future looks quite bright for the Windows Phone platform.

Are there any more official apps that delivers a great experience? Let us know what they are so that others can get in on the action. Drop a comment below.


  1. Argh too much pressure to let you and others know something to get in on the action by dropping a comment!!

    But I’m glad to hear there’s an official Youtube app finally for you guys.

    • Here we go with this guy and his smug garbage.
      I’m personally not worried about a youtube. Metrotube is far better. hell from what I’ve seen it’s better than the youtube app on android.

    • Well the YouTube app is nothing more than a web wrap so it isn’t anything to write home about. Most on the platform use either Metrotube, as Sean D. said, or SuperTube. Both apps are outstanding and deliver a great user experience.

      • Well I didn’t know that. If that’s what it is, can you go to, enable html5, and get this thing wrapping up the stream in html5 (if it’s not already doing that, though I suppose it probably is)?

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