From London newspaper City AM: “The second Google-branded mobile phone will hit the UK in time for Christmas through an exclusive deal with Carphone Warehouse, City AM has learned.”

The paper says Google sees it as a second at-bat to try to market their own phone successfully, and this Carphone outfit is the largest mobile phone retailer in Europe and at least Phandroid says City AM is reputable. And that it will run Gingerbread.

Phandroid speculates that this is legit given Google’s recent easing up on selling and supporting the Nexus One, appropriate timing with Gingerbread for the holidays. And I’d throw in that Google, perhaps as a point of pride, has some determination to see this through finally, selling a Google-branded phone not tied to a carrier with or without the word Nexus in it.

No secret ’round here that I love my Nexus One but if Google were to unleash a Euro Nexus Two with some American 3G love on either AT&T or T-Mobile’s network somehow without being contractually tied to a Euro carrier, pretty easy self-Christmas present decision. Well maybe not, pretty strapped for cash from the honeymoon.

Ahh I’m sure I could get you all to buy me one.

Doug Simmons


  1. I admire your discipline. I lack it and the phone people have me hooked real good on buying my way out as soon as possible of having a slightly older version of what’s currently on the shelves, and they probably will for the rest of my life or go blind I suppose.

    But I’m rather confident Gingerbread will be received quite well and I’m eager to write all about it over and over.

    Pissed that Droid* owners are getting Google Instant and I, unless I’m missing something, haven’t gotten it on my Nexus. Supposed to get that shit first.

  2. A certain support group I attend mandates that we pledge not to go on Craigslist for any purposes, so that’s out for me…

    It’s a sweet device, absolutely. Got my mom that phone. She loves it (came from your phone). A free at last / can’t wait to show this off to my friends kind of love. I rooted it, pretty easily actually, just to clean out the AT&T crap but have since been keeping an eye on the XDA Captivate development forum and can tell you that it appears, if you have no strong aversion to flashing, that you can get a nice and clean Froyo onto it, no bloatware. Seems they may be homing in on the GPS problem I keep hearing about.

  3. oh boy,

    One more reason to keep riding out my current AT&T contract with my Tilt2. Gives me time to see if WP7 will be mature enough to bring back some of the essential tools from WinMo…like tethering and Copy/Paste. Or if Gingerbread will live up to its hype.

    In the meantime, I’ll just keep bouncing back and forth between WinMo and Xandroid.

  4. LTE? I’d settle for AT&T to average at least 50% of what they advertise their existing technology to do. Nice to see T-Mobile doing that.

    Kind of curious though, other than for things involving a computer (USB stick or tethering), why the interest in LTE? Particularly given that there are already bandwidth caps and different packages, kind of tight I’d say, already on data transfer. On speeds these guys are bragging about in their tests (~30Mbps down) it would only take you twenty minutes to burn through that allowance. With the last-mile tower technology there would have to be a massive, massive backhaul overhaul for it to make a difference.

    The one thing I dislike about LTE is that it makes me feel like less of a man to think that there might be a cell phone, probably in Europe where they do these things better, that could, with a small laptop running Linux tethered, mirror almost as many roms as my own server which not only isn’t in my pocket, it’s in an office in another city someplace (colo).

  5. LOL. at the discipline comment. I’m still trolling Craigslist for a cheap Captivate ;-). But even there I’m kinda waiting to see if the official Froyo update will finally address the GPS issue.

  6. lol, good one John, privacy joke. Question: Why do you have Turbo disabled on your dated copy of Opera Mobile?

  7. Phone-a-holics Anonymous?? :-). LOL. I too am keeping an eye on the developments over on XDA. Just kinda curious to see what/if there is an official fix and how it will filter into the custom builds.

    My ultimate hope is that I can find an inexpensive hold over to keep me happy until LTE becomes a reality. (yea I know….but one can dream, right?)

  8. Do I need LTE? No, but just like you said…if I know it exists…Iol. At least for another year I’m still on the “unlimited” 5GB plan. Just like front-facing cameras, etc.

    Oddly enough my old Touch-dual had a front facing VGA camera; that was basically useless for anything other than self-portraits lol.

  9. doug – send me your ssid, username, password and search history and I’ll send you a little self adhesive 2 so you can upgrade your phone.

  10. cause my crappy winmo works better that way. but i’m pretty sure you were trying to point out how much data is out there for the taking without offering it up. and i’m pretty sure your apples don’t compare to my oranges.

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