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Kanex AirBlue Portable BT Music Receiver

kanex2Mother’s Day rolled around and I was stuck on what to get my wife. I knew “sparkly flip-flops” were subtly suggested on a few occasion but I knew that she gave me that as an easy lay-up and was still seeking more thought to be put into this day. She did go through two labors with our two kids after all. Okay, so  what do I get her. She has a beat up old MP3 player, she has an iPhone, and loves music. The problem has always been she could not use the iPhone in the car or at home on our stereo system. I headed down to Best Buy and got her a new Kenwood Deck that is all kinds of “I” friendly and she is good to go. Happy as a lark, I done good. She still has to plug into the car stereo as well as the home stereo. If I had only known that Kanex would release the AirBlue…

This would have been an excellent solution to all her iPhone music sharing needs. All she would have done is simply plug into the 3.5mm audio jack with the Kanex AirBlue and she could have shared her music content wirelessly from inside her car as well as from anywhere within 30 or so feet inside the house on our (my) home stereo!

The Kanex AirBlue is available now for $49 bucks.

Editors note: I did in fact get her the sparkly flip-flops for the kids to give her. (I got a rep to protect!)



Kanex Introduces AirBlue™ — Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver

Play Bluetooth enabled devices through your home stereo

Kanex, maker of audio-visual solutions for Apple computers, today introduced AirBlue – a portable Bluetooth music receiver letting you “Bluetooth” your speaker.

As wireless connectivity becomes a growing trend, more and more mobile devices are hitting the market with built-in Bluetooth. However, very few audio equipment such as speaker systems and portable stereos come standard with Bluetooth and do not work with Bluetooth enabled devices like the Apple iPod or iPhone. With the introduction of AirBlue, you can gear-up existing speakers to conveniently support Bluetooth connectivity.

Designed to connect with your AV receiver and speakers by acting as a Bluetooth receiver, Kanex AirBlue enables you to play your tunes wirelessly keeping your device portable at distances up to 33ft away. With no need for external power, portability on both ends is maximized.

“Kanex AirBlue is the first-ever Kanex AV solution designed specifically with smartphones and mobile devices in mind,” states Kashyap Khetia, Kanex Product Marketing Manager. “The AirBlue offers portability unlike any other device on the market. And it’s the perfect complement to speakers and AV stereos of all shapes and sizes.”

Kanex AirBlue ($49) is available for pre-order on and coming soon through our network of authorized channel partners. For more information, please visit

About Kanex
Kanex. Pronounced “Connects”, does just that. A brand that connects the separated worlds of consumer electronic accessories. Kanex products start from a simple idea, with a first to market mentality focused on the always changing consumer electronic technologies industry. We design, develop, and manufacture innovative and creative solutions, focusing on audio video components that strive to be the influential force behind Apple connectivity solutions. With deep roots in creative engineering, our specialty lays in merging current and future technologies. Kanex is built upon a strong foundation of innovation and adaptability that allows the brand to be nimble and stay on top of the always changing consumer electronic technologies. For more information about Kanex and its products, go to

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