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Oh Boy, Nexus Two Rumors

From London newspaper City AM: “The second Google-branded mobile phone will hit the UK in time for Christmas through an exclusive deal with Carphone Warehouse, City AM has learned.”

The paper says Google sees it as a second at-bat to try to market their own phone successfully, and this Carphone outfit is the largest mobile phone retailer in Europe and at least Phandroid says City AM is reputable. And that it will run Gingerbread.

Phandroid speculates that this is legit given Google’s recent easing up on selling and supporting the Nexus One, appropriate timing with Gingerbread for the holidays. And I’d throw in that Google, perhaps as a point of pride, has some determination to see this through finally, selling a Google-branded phone not tied to a carrier with or without the word Nexus in it.

No secret ’round here that I love my Nexus One but if Google were to unleash a Euro Nexus Two with some American 3G love on either AT&T or T-Mobile’s network somehow without being contractually tied to a Euro carrier, pretty easy self-Christmas present decision. Well maybe not, pretty strapped for cash from the honeymoon.

Ahh I’m sure I could get you all to buy me one.

Doug Simmons