Let’s not have a discussion about health here…White Castle is something special and there’s now an official White Castle app for Windows Phones that lets you order from your phone. Now this isn’t a huge stretch for them as their website allows online ordering through Silverlight.

I think the app speaks for itself. It’s available here for free.


  1. Krystals: the southern White Castle. I only eat the chicken. The burgers are best described by my mom: compressed belly-button lint on a brown-&-serve roll.

  2. LMAO! That’s awesome Marti! Depending on how you look at it, WC is health food. It saved my life a few times along with Taco Bell which both are open late allowed me to delute my bodies current “chemistry” to drive home after celebrating with my fiends for any variety of reasons. The resulting next days hang over was epic.

  3. Coming from NJ, I do miss White Castle. But Krystals is a good alternative. But they closed down my local shop a couple months ago (building another bank). Gonna have to search for the next closest store now. Oh, and Marti, it just tastes like chicken.

  4. @Doug haha True – my sister has a friend who constantly complains of a lack of 24-hour Chinese take-out places in Jacksonville. I, too, have partaken of Krystals at 3am after partying. In high school. And mom was up waiting for me.

    @Jim Aww. I thought it would taste like gator…

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