The fact that HTC could announce their latest Windows Phone flagship One (M8) for Windows Phone and actually have the device in stores less than a week later is beyond impressive, if it happens. It marks a huge departure for the usual month or more wait smartphone users have usually had to endure before getting their hands on their shiny new device.

The rapid retail release should prove to be a boon to HTC sales as Windows Phone users had been getting antsy for a flagship smartphone for the fall. The rumored McLaren flagship phone that was due to arrive in time for the holidays has been mentioned to have been cancelled.  The fact that it is shipping with WP8.1 Update 1 means it has all the newest features available right out of the box. Of course none of this is fact until we here the cold hard truth from HTC themselves August 19th. Another big thing this rapid release accomplishes is that it gives itself a month or more separation from competition and new device launches.

Key Features include Live Folders, support for Smart Covers, customizable start screen background and just in time for Live Lock Screens. These features mean you can greatly customize your phone to match your personality and style. I’m in the market for a second phone and this looks like a good candidate to open up a fresh Verizon line. What strikes your fancy with the HTC One for WP8.1? Sound off in the comments.


  1. Isn’t this just a Lumia 930 with a far lesser camera, no clear black display, no sunlight readability, a few less microsoft/nokia apps and a little more bland and different design?

    • I forgot to add, no Dolby digital recording, no haac mics, worse audio quality, less reception, less call quality and a lesser (less sensitive) touch screen? Seriously. What could ever make this a pick over the 930 besides the design?!

      • Well in truth i’ll be picking up a Lumia 1520 from Craigslist to get my app fix. I just really like the chassis on the HTC One and remember there are more cases for the HTC One that should be able to be used.

      • Not sure what happened to my reply from over an hour ago but here goes. Its definitely about the design but moreso if it ships with Update 1 that is a huge bonus as people will be waiting until the cow comes home for the update to get approved and pushed thru on Verizon.

    • Not feeling all that good after HTC abandonment of Windows Phone during Titan.
      Moved to Nokia, not looking back.

      • I remember buying the Titan only to have HTC released the Titan II a couple months later. Here’s to 2nd or 10th chances right?!

      • You know that you can get developer preview on any device, meaning my Lumia already runs update 1 on top of the Nokia/Microsoft Cyan additions and every other device is going to get a final version of update 1 just as much as the HTC. I’m also expecting the HTC one to be quite a bit more expensive than the Lumia 930, while the Lumia is actually the better device. The history of HTC with Windows Phone is pathetic. Support fell apart and is still awful, even for their WP8 devices, it’s a very risky thing to do, a HTC with WP8. To me personally it’s also a less than optimal experience, as the Nokia/Microsoft devices offer quite a few bonus features over the HTC devices that HTC found a little hard to match, as I’ve stated previously. It’s hard to explain this to someone so used to Android, where all devices are so close together in features and cpu, but the feel of a Lumia is completely different in not just the OS. Something you’d have to experience for yourself I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a HTC fan for years, I’ve had Titan II, Diamond, Desire, some HTC after that but when I switched to WP8 on a Lumia it’s such shocking experience to see how well everything just runs and feels, especially after a while. There’s no slowdowns, no security concerns, every single feature in the OS has been tested vigorously, same for all the hardware features and that really shines through. The whole deal just Works, and (perhaps surprisingly) much better than the iphone i’ve had for a while too. This is something you see with consumer reviews everywhere too (consumer! not the techy geeks reviewing Android devices on terms that normal people don’t even understand)

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