Android’s market has hit a milestone, surpassing 100,000 apps today. From a media perspective, that’s a big story since everyone talks in terms of numbers these days. Practically speaking, that doesn’t address the quality of the apps and includes things like wallpapers and ringtones which are all ‘apps’ for counting purposes. When I check for new apps in the Android market it’s usually filled with programs that give an image of a woman after a phone call is made and little puzzle games…it’s just littered with these thing. In fact, the end result is that the ‘new’ category is almost wasted since you can’t casually browse it.

If you’re using Android, are you happy with the market? How wrong am I on my assessment of what’s filling up Android’s market?


  1. Where’s the official NetFlix app, for even just modifying the queue? And why no video upload for the Facebook app? 100,000 apps means nothing if the most popular ones are not there or broken!

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  3. Brian: I can share video straight from Gallery to Facebook, among other places. Not seeing an official Netflix thing but I do see third party ones including free apps with decent ratings and comments like Queue Manager.

  4. i guess HTC doesnt only save microsoft platforms… ive got video upload native on the aria thanks to sense.

  5. Easy buddy, no need to capitalize full words yet. Which version of Facebook are you running? 1.3.2?

    As for Netflix, … they’re working on it.

  6. Reading that at least one phone, the Hero, and probably others, don’t let you do this for whatever reason however someone recommended Pixelpipe to get the job done, on the market.

  7. @Doug Hmmm…I went into gallery, chose a video and did share and Facebook was NOT an option. I tried BFFPhoto for uploading video and it is quirky. Facebook just needs to update their Android App…and about Netflix…we just need “A” Netflix App…weird that it is taking this long.

  8. Right, because Microsoft is known for never having released any of their own software with minor or major security flaws out of the box, and Windows Update exists just to make things even better, not to clean up their huge screw-ups way after the fact.

    Brace yourself because the odds are moderate that WP7 will have its share of isolated security incidents.

  9. im pretty sure it will be easy to upload to facebook with WP7… no app needed, no third party security risk either…

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