KINGMAX introduced the first 64GB microSD card and it’s also a class 6. No word on pricing or availability, but this is something to keep an eye out for. I was just about to plunk down for a 32GB card, since my 16GB microSD is completely filled with music from ZunePass already, but now I will wait until these 64GB cards are ready to go!

Since there’s no announced date or price, there is really no telling how long the wait is until these hit the market. Perhaps Sandisk or Kingston will step up their game and release their cards before KINGMAX, you know they’re working on these too.

So what do you guys think? Gonna grab a 64GB card ASAP? Or are you content with the pitiful excuse for mobile storage you have now?

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  1. I am still waiting for a 32gb card to work with my WP7 Samy Focus. If this will work, I will just skip to a 64.

  2. @Greg: I have a class 2 32GB card also with 9 GBs left on my DVP. My eyes may be bigger than my stomach on this one but I do want it. I also have a rooted nook color, this may be the destination for it.

  3. Note that this is a SDXC card, and thus won’t work in most current devices, which support only SD or SDHC. Unlike the SD-to-SDHC transition a couple years back, a simple firmware patch won’t bring SDXC capability to older devices — there are hardware differences.

  4. @3waygeek: Actually SDXC cards are identical in hardware to SDHC. SDHC was artificially limited to 32GB, it can theoretically go all the way up to 2TB(just like SDXC). The only difference is the filesystem which is switched to exFAT in SDXC cards.

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