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Kindle Fire Half of Android Tablet Sales? Shut the Front Door!

We all knew that the Kindle Fire was selling very well during the Christmas Season and that Android Tablets, well, did not. But now we got some numbers and according to comScore the Kindle Fire accounted for 41% of Android Tablet Sales in January and 54% of sales in February! The next closest Android Mfg. was Samsung with 15.4% of sales in February! Motorola Xoom captured just 7%. Check out the list:

Even though the Kindle Fire opened a can of tablet whoop ass on all other Android Tablet Manufacturers, what was interesting based on the results of the comScore results were that 10 inch tablets saw much higher levels of content consumption than the smaller 5 inch tablets and everything in between. Here was their findings:

That’s a 39% high consumption rate over the smaller 7inch tablets that the 10 inch enjoys. So the recipe still remains, build inexpensive but functional tablets and you will win at the register. Many people I speak to regard the Tablet as a non essential device and often refer to it as a toy. Traveling as much as I do for a living, it is a very useful part of staying productive. Ultrabooks could perhaps cut into that tablets ever increasing popularity, but right now, even the high priced $500 dollar tablets are cheap compared to the starting price of a $1000 Ultrabook.

With Google rumored to be coming out with it’s own Nexus brand of Tablet, I think it is the 10 inch Kindle Fire that will once again dominate sales if it is able to control cost and maintain it’s great services to accompany the tablet. Look for more Kindle Fire sales in 2012 as they look to branch out into the bigger 10” tablet market later this year.

The 7 inch Kindle Fire is $199.00 and available on Amazon now, CLICK HERE.