If BGR’s source is right then when WP7 launches there will only be three devices available – and none from Dell.

Our source clarified that there will be three Windows Phone 7 devices launching right when the OS is officially announced.  One will be from Samsung, one will be from HTC, and one will be from LG. The LG device will be the only handset with a full slide-out QWERTY keypad.

Not quite a huge blitz. And lets see if VZ is included in this or not…the plot thickens.

By the way, the image at right is not the release device.


  1. I think it’ll be the Samsung Cetus, HTC Mozart/Shubert and whatever LG is coming up with. I just hope Sprint gets something…

  2. Well, the iPhone launched with one. Android launched with one, so this is thrice as much. :)

    So far, from the leaks it looks like AT&T is the only carrier that will have WM7 devices, which is probably not great news for MS as they’ll have to compete with the iPhone for people’s attention.

  3. If AT&T does have an exclusive, I can’t imagine it will last much longer than the current holiday season, like up to 1/1/11. Anything else would be dumb and counter-productive, unless AT&T is paying Microsoft so much cash up front it doesn’t matter.

    WP7 is not iPhone. Microsoft does not have the cult following that Apple commands. So WP7 will need as much exposure as possible to succeed; Mobile Operators, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Online retailers. Hell, even McDonalds can get in on this one. The more the merrier.

  4. Right. WP7 needs a widespread launch and push. With every carrier and OEM involved in the marketing push. If you want something to truly succeed you give it your best shot.

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