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Mobility Digest Writers Wanted

godfatherofficeprank There has been a lot of changes around here since we merged Fuze Mobility and Tilt Mobility in with Mobility Digest. We are still very focused on staying true to our roots, but there is so much more interesting stuff happening that we want to keep an eye on the rest of the mobility world as well with the latest devices and news.

So has it turns out, we have some “vacancies” to fill at the Mobility Digest office and we are looking for more writers! Well, we don’t really have an office of sorts, and we didn’t really “kill” anyone or at least that has been proven yet, but we do have need for some more crazed, obsessive compulsive, mobility writers just like us! (we get a group discount on our meds now).

But as you can see, we like to have fun and write for the enjoyment of spreading the good word about mobility to everyone that stops by our community. So what do you have to do to write for us? Just email me for starters if you are serious about wanting to have fun, be part of our team, and write on a regular basis about mobility.  It does not mater what device you have, we change devices like most of you change underwear. We would like iPhone, BlackBerry, and some more Android device owners as well as the serious XDA guru. We are also very serious about Windows Phone and still have a huge focus on Windows Mobile.

Click here and email us if you have interest in sharing your knowledge and passion about mobility with others here at Mobility Digest.

Thank you,

Doug Smith