Got a DX or D2 and want to crank the clockspeed up to an insane 1.3GHz for no good reason at the risk of bricking your phone? Yeah? How about undervolting it to save some gas? Do that with no fuss (other than dropping 99 cents) using DX/D2 Overclcoker, on the market and developed by aptly-named Unstable Apps. Apparently no root required but don’t quote me on that.

Via Android Community.

Update: And if you’re brave enough and know your way around XDA, you may now hit 2GHz!

Doug Simmons


  1. Is there really any practical reason to overclock? I thought these phones were already snappy. My friend has a DroidX or Droid2.. can’t remember which one, I just remember it being pretty snappy. I think the best part would be the ability to underclock for those long drives with no car charger

  2. There is really no practical reason to overclock. It’s just for fun. If someone gave you a blind taste test of a regular nexus one and an overclocked nexus one, let you screw with them for a while and ask you if you noticed anything different about them, the answer would be now. But that’s just for a 998MHz to 1134MHz bump, this one’s a little more dramatic. What’s much more dramatic is going from 2.1 to Froyo.

    The noticeable thing when overclocking, for me at least, is an increase in instability, spontaneous reboots. But when running benchmarking software like Quadrant and Linpack, drag racing software, you notice a difference in the results, but pretty much only there. Maybe if I played games a lot I’d give you a different answer.

    As for battery, I’m not certain if this is true of stock phones but my phone scales down to 245MHz when no software is demanding CPU, dynamic scaling. So an underclocking cap wouldn’t make much of a difference for me, especially if during these long drives you have your screen on. The screen eats up the battery a whole lot so if you want to save juice the first front to attack is customizing the brightness levels you need relative to the amount of light the phone senses, something you can do in CyanogenMOD, along with turning everything red which on the N1 saves you juice.

    Not sure what kind of phone you have (if I did I could tell you which software to use to make some of these things easier on you) but if you’re on the road and you don’t need 3G, set your phone only to use 2G/edge. As you pass each cell when driving the signal weakens and the phone, especially on 3G, uses significantly more power to communicate with whatever tower it’s connected to if there’s not a full signal. Not fully sure why but I’ve heard this enough to assume it’s true and that is if you’re hanging out in an edge-only area, put your phone on edge only as if it’s trying to fight its way to 3G it uses more power versus just dormantly chilling on 2G.

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