I never realized how useful a bluetooth stereo headset was until I got one. I have the Sony MW600 which I like a lot, and use often actually when I want stereo sound without the cords. Phiaton has just announced the PS BT 20 bluetooth stereo headset and they look decent. The MSRP is $149, but supposedly they’re worth it as they are a high end audio solution and have several features that most will appreciate.



Phiaton Corporation, a premium manufacturer of high-performance personal audio products for consumers who appreciate authentic sound reproduction, eye-catching design and superior technology, introduced its PS 20 BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset (SRP: $149) today at PEPCOM 2011. The stylish personal calling and music listening solution combines the total freedom and flexibility of Bluetooth technology with dramatically improved audio performance for enhanced music listening and crystal clear phone reception.

Enhanced Audio; "Half In-Ear" Design for Snug Fit

Musicality and better audio quality is a top priority in all Phiaton products, and the PS 20 BT’s powerful 14.3mm drivers produce pure and accurate sound for improved performance. Most importantly, the unique "half in-ear" design of the earphones allows them to be worn just outside the ear canal for a comfortable fit and hours of listening enjoyment anywhere, anytime.

Cable-Free Convenience; "Echo-Off" Noise Reduction

Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth v3.0 technology, users can easily answer phone calls without having to remove their earphones – and with the special "Echo-Off" Noise reduction technology, background noise is virtually eliminated during your calls.  For added flexibility, the PS 20 BTs provide a calling time of 6 hours, 6-hours of music playing time and 250 hours of standby. Notably, thanks to Phiaton’s advanced "OmniPair" technology, the PS 20 BTs lets users connect up to eight devices at once, and use up to two of them simultaneously. This makes it simple to answer calls while listening to your music – without any interruption.

Additionally, the full inline musical controls let you take charge of your music library (FF, REW, PLAY, STOP, PAUSE, Vol+, Vol-) – all without even having to take your music device out of your pocket or handbag. For even more convenience, the PS 20 BTs come with a handy ‘Clip and Go’ clip controller that attaches to your bag or clothing so everything is within easy reach.

"MaxBass" for Powerful Low-Frequency Audio and No Vibration

To provide listeners with rich, gentle-yet-powerful bass response, the PS 20 BT’s feature Phiaton’s acclaimed "MaxBass" technology with a dual-chamber structure to virtually eliminate unwanted vibration and echo. Users enjoy carefully balanced low-frequencies and treble equalization for great sound quality with all music genres.

Hours of Comfortable Listening, 4 Sets of Silicon Eartips

The PS 20 BT’s ergonomic "half in-ear" design combines the excellent bass response of in-ear style buds with the crystal clear high frequency response of open-ear style headphones. Engineered for a snug fit just outside the ear canal, they feature a lightweight glossy housing that allows for hours of comfortable listening. The PS 20 BTs come with four separate sizes of soft silicon tips to ensure a natural feel and a welcome "no slip" fit.

The PS 20 BTs come with a stylish pouch for easy portability and are available in glossy black. The easy-to-use cord adjuster ensures total convenience and comfort, and the compact remote control is perfect for on-the-go use.

Web Site: http://www.phiaton.com





  1. The press release was unreadable, black page with lime green text too small to read.
    I have been wanting a new stereo Bluetooth device since I broke my MotoS9 earlier this year. A co-worker has the MotoS10 and says it is much better, Just more of the same.
    I saw the Sony HBH IS800 at a realy good price, but 2 1/2 hours battery life, and no music controls? Bummer!
    I also saw the SonyErricson MW600, I like that, but would still have to fight wires. What do you think of it?
    So my hunt goes on, Got any more leads for me?

  2. I don’t know why the hell it’s green like that?! Someone must have been messing with something on the back end.. I didn’t do it..

  3. @JR: Hi JR, it’s fixed now. I shaded the background color light gray, but if you prefer it white, just let me know. The text is now black and the press release reveal should be 100% better than it was. Thanks for the feed back, please feel free to let me know if there is anything else that can be improved.

  4. Much better, Thank you for fixing that.
    I was able to click on their link, so I had been to the site too.
    But K. BROZIO didn’t answer my question, what did he think of the SE MW600? I know the specs, but how is it? It is currently my first choice for next device.
    This one in the press release looks hard wired. If I go back to wires, then the headset needs to be replaceable. I have a set like those “half in”, they sound weird.
    I am looking for a Bluetooth receiver with a 3.5 jack and full music controls. I saw the Jabra BT3030, and Clipper. The Moto S705, Nokia BH214, Samsung SBH650…and a bunch of others.
    Or it will be the Moto S10. I was happy with the S9 till I caught a bud on the edge of my work locker and popped it off the headset.
    Looking in the $50 range. I have spent a good amount of time on this. A little help is Greatly appreciated.

  5. Oh yea, Dell Streak5″ stock android browser.
    Hate it…The browser that is.
    And the notification bar at the top that I cannot click on like WinMo…
    Save that rant for another day.
    Thanks again

  6. Sorry… yes I like the MW600 I use them often actually.. but I use my earphones and not the Sony ones, they’re not bad, but I’ve got Future Sonics Atrio M5s that are much better

  7. I have a couple sets of wires hanging around, my kids seem to replace them once a month too. So I just want to be able to put any set in the jack, don’t care what comes in the box with the device. I know they cannot be hard wired though, stuck with a $150 reciever that doesn’t work on one side.
    Thank you for the information. Peace

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