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Mobility Digest Review: Speck FitFolio for iPad 2

Although the iPad 2 is still tough to find, more people are getting their hands on Apple’s hottest device. With the arrival of the newest Apple tablet comes the flood of peripherals and cases designed for it. Today we will check out the FitFolio from Speck.

This folio case is designed to be thin and functional at the same time. Besides operating as a case it also doubles as a stand for watching videos, typing or game interaction.

Author: Tomas Ratas

Vendor: Speck

Price: $39.95

Overall Rating: 3.5/5



The FitFolio ultra-slim case for iPad 2 has a sleek, padded design that keeps your device protected yet light on it’s feet. The custom cradle holds your iPad 2 securely in place, and the cover folds back into a stand—making this the perfect iPad 2 case for reading, working, viewing, presentations and lots more!

  • Custom-fit cradle holds your iPad 2 in place
  • Cover folds into viewing or typing stand for working, reading, gaming, presentations, and more
  • Stylish and durable padded finish with sleek interior
  • Two-way bungee cord keeps this iPad 2 case closed or secures cover to back of case when open

Dimensions: 0.75" x 19.685" x 9.875"
Weight: 8.75 oz
Materials: Paper Board & Polyurethane (PU) & Polycarbonate (PC)

What is in the Box?

The FitFolio arrives in a clear plastic bag with a white and orange Speck branded cardboard strip on the side that lists its features on the back. The case comes with a Styrofoam board inside the iPad 2 cradle to help keep its form during delivery.


Speck designed the FitFolio using a faux leather padded material for the front and part of the back of the case. The other build materials include paperboard, polyurethane and polycarbonate with the back of the case being composed primarily of the latter two.

The front of the FitFolio has an embossed Speck logo at the bottom right corner and there is a crease along the left 1/3 of the cover where the case can fold into various orientations. Along the side where the cover opens is a small bungee cord elastic band that is used to close the cover when the iPad 2 is not in use.

The back of the case also has the same soft leathery material with the polyurethane material along the periphery. There are openings for the various iPad 2 connectors and buttons along the material comprising the case’s perimeter.

Inside the case is a microsuede lining to protect the iPad 2 from scratches. The inner front cover has four notched areas for positioning the iPad cradle onto for horizontal viewing.

On the right side of the case is the iPad 2 cradle. This cradle has ridges along its perimeter, which snap over the iPad 2 locking it into position. The left side of the cradle features a protruding piece in the middle for locking onto the inner cover’s notches. Just above this area is another embossed Speck logo.

Another notch is located on the exterior right side of the iPad 2 cradle which is used to anchor the front’s bungee cord for keeping the cover closed.

Impressions / Review:

After using the FitFolio for the past few weeks I found both pros and cons to the case. In terms of size it is very low profile keeping the iPad 2’s bulk to a relative minimum. It seems a little thicker than the original Apple black iPad case but not much bigger.

Speck constructed the FitFolio with high quality materials giving it the quality feel that we’ve come to expect from Speck products. The exterior has a nice leathery appearance while having a slight tack to it; keeping the case secure in the user’s hands. The interior microsuede is soft to the touch and keeps the screen protected.

The FitFolio can conform to numerous positions for viewing and interacting with the iPad 2. As a stand it seemed fairly sturdy and stable. Resting the Fit Folio on one’s lap in the typing configuration provided a comfortable angle for using the virtual keyboard.

In terms of protection the Fit Folio does a good job. The iPad 2 rests snuggly in the cradle and the cover stays closed when locked down with the elastic bungee. It is not a thick case so it will offer minimal impact protection.

Some of the drawbacks to the folio include the lack of will a smart magnetic cover closure. After using a few cases with that feature I found the lack of it on the Fit Folio was slightly disappointing. I’ve grown fond of opening the cover and my iPad 2 being on; hopefully Speck will add this feature in its next version of the Fit Folio.

In addition Specks choice of a bungee elastic seems strange as it is not very easy to open. This is the first time I have seen an elastic closure on any iPad case, so it is definitely a unique choice.


Generally I find little fault with Speck designed Apple device peripherals but the Fit Folio has a couple of glaring issues that make me pause at using it as my everyday iPad 2 case. The elastic closure and lack of smart cover makes the otherwise well designed and functional Speck folio case less than perfect. To some this may not be an issue but I have grown accustomed to the Smart Cover capability on other iPad 2 cases that I have tested.


+Well designed

+Functional as a stand

+Securely protects the iPad 2

+Provides nice ergonomic angle for typing


-Lack of Smart Cover

-Elastic closure difficulty to open