primaryImageNumNet is Wordament with addition.  I find it more challenging, because I don’t think in numbers.  But if  you like Wordament, and want to give your brain a little more of a workout, I definitely recommend you give this one a try!

Play NUMNET for free with friends. Simple yet addicting! NumNet is a number tournament game – fun, addicting and unique. In NumNet you compete with players all over the internet, all players play on the same NumNet number board, in real-time, to get the highest score. Find the sum of the numbers displayed on the board to earn points. The longer the number path the higher the score. Try it out, it is lots of fun!

NumNet is simple, find as many numbers as you can on a 4×4 board of numbers before time runs out. Number sums can be made in a line, diagonally, or a mixture of both, and you can’t jump numbers. Once the time is up, you get your score, and then you see the global score table for the game you just played. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that all opponents have been on the same board and to see where you rank next to them.

ADDICTIVE FEATURES: ★ Simple game play! ★ Play and beat your friends ★ Can you find all the sums of the numbers? ★ Find the longest number paths to get higher scores

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