Phil Schiller says iPhone 5′s scratches right out of the box is ‘normal’

The iPhone 5 is racking up an impressive list of things gone wrong. The latest is the scratches and dings reported by consumers when they unbox their brand new iPhone 5’s. Liquid metal, the rumor said, strong and durable Apple said.  Well, the customers are saying something completely different. Many are upset to find the device less than flawless right out of the box!

In true Apple form, the SVP response to an email insisting this was “normal.” WOW!


  1. Using a lot of restraint here (my tongue is bleeding I bit it so hard), but can we all at least agree that not every device, regardless of brand, is perfect.

    That would be a start in the 12 step program to bring iPhone users back to their senses. Look around, read, listen, learn. Then make an informed choice.

    • Did the artical publisher actually read the read the email that was was sent by Phil Schiller ???

      Phil Schiller stated the aluminium band will chip and scratch WITH USE the 2 magic words are WITH USE !!!

      The problem is people (like me) are getting scratched iPhones BEFORE we even get to hold or use them. So Phil Schiller didn’t actually address the issue about iPhones being scratched out of the box just that scratches will appear with use.

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