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Samsung Galaxy “It’s Time To Tab” video misses the mark

Oh Samsung, you are not helping your cause any by making videos like this. Worst of all taking a shot at the iPad is the last thing you want to do at this point. There is no reason for me dwelling to much on the fact that Apple is dominating the tablet market with their iPad and the second generation iPad 2 is simply stellar. Which makes me wonder why Samsung would release a half hearted attack video like this with their Galaxy Tab 10.1 against the iPad 2? Even though I agree with their opening statement “The world is changing”, the rest of the video fails to convince a consumer why they should pick the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 over the iPad 2.

At the 30 second mark Sammie tries to make the only valid, but weak argument that the Galaxy Tab can play Flash video where the iPad cannot. Going so far as to show a woman trying to rotate the screen orientation to get the flash embedded quarterly projection report to render. And even though Android based tablets are better equipped with an HD Screen, the A5 processor in the iPad 2 is amazing and gaming and video is superb.

Even though Apple’s sales are a tell tale sign of who is “big dawg” and who is not, Samsung does make a pretty nice device and it does a lot of things pretty well. The experience for me was still fun and it does have impressive hardware even though there isn’t a lot of optimization yet on the platform. I would have personally liked to see more screen shots in the video driving Samsung’s claims home, but for now, Samsung still has a long way to go.