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iPhone “N94” front panel could be the cheaper version 4S

We have all been waiting for the iPhone 5 to finally be announced and over the haul of speculation, analyst reports, and leaks, there has been rumors that there would be a cheaper iPhone choice for customers, and updated iPhone 4S. Not to be confused with the iPhone 5 in any way, the 4S is setting it’ sights on the entry level smartphone buyer not unlike Google has done canvasing the market with tons of devices in every conceivable price point.

In the leaked picture given to the world by uBreakiFix, the N94 bears a striking resemblance to the current model iPhone 4. The only difference is that the N94 has an additional LED right above the  ear piece which could be a web cam indicator. Since iOS 5 (Thanks Chris L) does support notifications, it is going to be interesting what Cydia is able to do with it when released.

From here the rumors and the speculation get a bit too murky for my own speculation but the point being that this N94, which seems to predicate the N97 WSJ was all in a wad about confirm that there will be multiple flavors of the iPhone this year. It will be very interesting to see if this bold move on Apple’s part plays out. We know that sales of the 3GS continued well after the 4 was released. So will it be the case here with two new devices released at the same time? The iPhone 5 will be getting some much needed updates with screen size and antennae, but will those alone warrant the extra money for 3Gs owners to upgrade to the 5 and pay more money, or just use the 4S for less cost?








Keep in mind Apple will also have a whole new Android Army to fight against and wave of new Mango devices that do in fact look good. Stay tuned as this fall is going to be a great battle between the smart phone giants!

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