DinoGames is showing off a new game they’re working on for ZuneHD and has confirmed it’s coming to Windows Phone 7 as well. It’s a first person ridiculous sniper/shooter game. Gratuitous violence at its best. Man this looks awesome. If MS doesn’t allow this into the market because of the violence then they’ll essentially force us to sideload cause this is what games on WP7 should look like:


  1. Wow. It probably won’t make it on the WP7 as presently constructed but damn does that look CRAZY. Reminds me of silent scope!

  2. That NEEDS to be on WP7. That is one of the single coolest games i’ve ever seen and to have that on the phone would be fantastic. I’d definitely rate that as a MUST BUY.

  3. Take a look at “Mush”, it looks nice, though the gameplay isn’t that clear:


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