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New Sesame Street and WordWorld Games For Windows Phones

Toddler + Windows Phone + New Games

First up is Sesame Street releasing their first Windows Phone title. It’s an interactive e-book called Abby in Wonderland that’s $2 (no trial):

Join Elmo in an interactive read-aloud experience! Abby Cadabby falls asleep and follows the Red Rabbit (Elmo) down a rabbit hole into Wonderland, where she encounters quirky and whimsical characters including the Counterpiller and a Cheshire Cookie Cat. Then Abby attends a silly tea party presided over by a Mad Hatter (Grover)! Will Abby find her missing magic wand and be able to get back to Sesame Street, or does the Grouch of Hearts (Oscar) have other plans?

Next up is another WordWorld title, this one called Terrific Duck and it’s similarly an interactive e-book ($1 no trial):

It ’s Picture Day in WordWorld, and Duck wants to look his best for the photo. With the help of his WordFriends, Duck builds words that make him look totally terrific! WordWorld, an Emmy award winning television series funded in part by the Department of Education, has been shown to significantly im prove early literacy skills, including print awareness, letter knowledge, and comprehension. Education Letters: a e h i t u; sound: /t/ Problem solving; picture day; getting ready; looking your best.

Both are still cheaper than physical books and I’ll probably wind up with both by the end of the weekend.