Uncategorized - 23 September 2011
Author: Doug Simmons



Just learned something new up in Nantucket, thought I’d share for my fellow city stickers up here. If you decide to or just sort of inadvertently find yourself driving on a beach, before the sand gets too sand-like, deflate your tires a good 15 psi (I guess maybe wing it if you don’t have one of those pressure gauge thingies handy) or the park ranger who comes out to save your ass will be a little judgmental when he hauls you out.

“Why didn’t you deflate your tires!” Deflate the tires? Ohh like snow tires, how they’re kind of bouncy? Sir, look at me; obviously I’m a rookie, cut me some slack.

Also, when it’s becoming clear that you’ve managed to get yourself stuck, just give up, don’t try to mess with the 4×4 differential or whatever and keep rocking. Don’t dig deeper, don’t burn out your clutch. Just give up, you’re done.

Then get out and take a few pictures — I’ve found that self-deprecation will score you some facebook likes which, other than of course scoring pageviews, is what life is all about.

Oh and when exiting the beach, refill your tires. Dropping 15 psi, whatever that means, sounds significant and the way I figure the things were presumably at the original pressure, which I’m hoping is roughly 33 give or take, for a reason.

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  1. Oh Man that is real bad, but you don’t have to post 4 blogs for this…..

  2. Good point. Seems I haven’t run out of screw-up energy. Thanks to you or whoever fixed it for me.

  3. I’m guessing this was the more intentional variety of taking to the sand. Good stuff.

  4. Meh, I drive compact sedans. I Never drive on the beach. Hell, I don’t drive on my friends dirt roads…

  5. I’ll give ya some credit for fessin’ up about it..but still… BWWWWWHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  6. Doug Simmons is the worst writer on here.

  7. While I appreciate candor as much as the next guy, gotta say Kim, that stung.

  8. Head south next time. Finer sand, making it compact more. So no problem driving, even with inflated tires.

  9. If you want to take more pictures of yourself stuck in the sand feel free to stop by in san Luis Obispo. Great people and great sand :)