I’m am embarking on writing an app for Windows Phone for a friend.  I wanted to see if there is any interest from you the reader on a series from start to finish on this topic.  This would include: getting your environment set up, setting up a free… that’s right free source control for your code to be safe and backed up, and the basics of coding up the app.  There will be some other stuff thrown into the mix as we go.  So is this something that you may enjoy?  If so please let us know in the comments and if we have enough of a response we’ll be creating a Windows Phone App in no time.


  1. Hello a few apps i would like to see…

    -torrent remote
    -trials type game, moto physics
    -music finder
    -movie finder
    -news on updates like mango

    I hope those help

  2. Go for it. It will be interesting for those of us who have some desire to program but aren’t necessarily ready to do so.

  3. Thanks James! That would be awesome. I think just like you said, break down the components and keep them bite size so the readers aren’t having to choke down a novel all at once, and you aren’t overwhelmed to do this all at once. We can give it a category and link to it so that everyone can easily find earlier installments. Thanks!

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