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Deer Hunter 3D and Zombie Attack! 2 Available for WP7/Xbox Live

This weeks Windows phone 7 Xbox Live games just hit Marketplace. it’s Deer Hunter 3D and Zombie Attack! 2. These are some pretty nice titles. Deer Hunter 3D is, of course, a hunting game made with 3D visuals. It contains multiple animals with realistic behaviors, 27 shooting locations and of course achievements. It’s $5 but has a free trial. The iPhone version is just $1.

Zombie Attack! 2 is a tower-defense style game…uhm with Zombies. It features 7 turrets, 4 maps of varying sizes, 6 zombie types and online high scores for each map, local list for challenges and personal records. it’s available for $3 with a free trial.  This means that Zombie Attack! 2 is available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Xbox Live and Windows phone. The iPhone version is $4.

Both are available in the Marketplace now.