For the hundredth time I’m reminded of how great it is that WP7 and Xbox both use XNA so write once and port it. And here it is again. RC-AirSim is a radio controlled model airplane flight simulator for Xbox 360 and it’s now confirmed as coming to Windows Phone 7. Check it out on the Xbox version and you can expect the WP7 version to be inline with it (should be the same code) and have touch based controls. Pretty neat.

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  1. The UI could use a bit of sprucing up. It’s kind of funny to see a lot of apps being previewed, on here, and other sites, that most likely won’t make it through the review process (Not saying this one will or will not, just commenting)

  2. My favorite thing of Microsoft since I was a little kid was and remains their flight simulation. I grew up thinking to myself whenever I got on a plain that if both pilots got a heart attack I would be everyone’s only hope.

    The major outstanding letdown however was no exciting crash effects, but whoever cooked this up seems to have come through as I can tell you firsthand that that’s sort of what happens when you crash an expensive RC aircraft that you were hoping real bad Santa would bring to you.

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