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Nokia Lumia 900 Lego Stand proves looks are everything

I know a lot of you have felt the same frustration I have when buying a new device at launch. There is never any accessories to go with it. Device cases usually are the first to launch, but only in special circumstances and always outrageously priced do we see docking stations. If you like to use your device to stream media or like to use it as an alarm clock, a docking station is a must. So what do you do? Yeah, we have seem plenty of origami paper created docking stations, but they never last. But what is something else that is easy to come by , durable, yet inexpensive to make a docking station out of? Yeah, it’s Legos!

 Baris Eris took some Legos and kicked out this pretty cool docking station that even incorporated the charging cable. So not only will it properly hold you device and an angle of your choosing, you can make sure you wake up refreshed, on time, and with a device fully charged. Now, this Lego engineering masterpiece is functional first, and easy on the eyes not so much. The charging port is pretty huge and does detract from the Lumia 900 styling. Never fear, it’s Legos and there are so many possibilities that I am sure you can figure something out.

So who’s heading down to Toys-R-Us?