Windows Mobile users probably know Resco Radio already and it’s now available for Windows Phone. And to make it even better, they’ve used a wallpaper of a nippily chick in a bikini – interesting sales tactic.

Here’s the app description:

The panorama based interface provides an easy way to listen to your favorite internet radio stations and to maintain the list of favorites, settings and other useful features. The wide database of radio stations guarantees that you will be able to find your favorite stations. Use the quick search tool to find it, or browse through the categories to find them or to discover unknown. Even in the case that the one you cannot live without is not in the database, it is very simple to add it to the list. You can do it manually by entering the stream’s URL (or the official URL of the radio), title, musical genre and other parameters. After the successful process you may immediately listen to the radio. Moreover, the radio channel is sent for validation and shortly after the confirmation it is added to the main database. This means that the database is being daily updated. If the radio stream transmits details such as the name of the currently played song, Resco Radio has a function to search for its lyrics. If they are found, they are immediately displayed. The service is powered by Musixmatch.

It’s available for $2 with a trial.


  1. So cool! Finally, an Internet radio program for WP7. Didn’t even bother with the trial. Now I can load all my favorites from my SPB Radio WinMo program. Thanks. And thank you Resco.

    Runs under lock screen but of course no multi-tasking. It has it’s own volume control (as a percentage of main volume) which is nice and you can send links via SMS or email. It has a sleep timer function. It got a little confused when I exited the screen without pausing (would not start back up without reloading the station) but worked fine if I paused first, did my thing, then went back in and started playing again. Maybe Microsoft can make something that will allow apps to run for a set period of time in the background to prevent excess battery/resource drain while allowing you to complete other tasks. No Radio Margaritaville (got that with Pocket Player on WinMo) but I will ask them to work on it. You can select a slow or fast connection speed in settings. BTW, you can select one of 6 different backgrounds. Default was an interesting choice though.

    OK, now find me a password app (think CodeWalletPro) that I can sync with my desktop. Only using my Tilt2 for one thing now. Quick access to my 100+ passwords without having to turn on my PC.

  2. Exactly. I am liking these new Marketplace prices. And that little quirk I noted above was probably me and my poor MicroCell connection. When I turned on WiFi and moved away from the app, music stopped. But as soon as I backed into the app again, music picked up after a couple seconds.

  3. Of course they used a nipply chick as wallpaper. It wouldn’t be a radio without some knobs for us old-timers to fiddle with.

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