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Sneak Peek: Terra Explorer for WP7

Developer Ryan Lee, creator of Favorites Hub, has submitted a new app to Marketplace that should be available within a day or two. After taking a look at the below video all I can think to describe the app is, “Bing Search on steroids”. And if that is not enough to get you interested, the app is FREE, although it is (discretely) ad supported. Terra Explorer uses a panoramic view to display searches categorized by: web, news, local, video, wiki & images, using the three major search engines; Bing, Google & Yahoo!. Any of these criteria can be toggled on or off. The app supports both portrait and landscape view, a plus for slide out kb fans, and comes loaded with five unique themes. Or you can create your own theme using any web image. How about that for customization. Terra Explorer supports the five standard WP7 languages, good news for the folks on the other side of the pond. You can save searches or individual pages as favorites and manage them easily.

Take a look at the informative video below.


Here is the Marketplace description:

Terra Explorer revolutionizes the mobile web browsing experience for Windows Phone 7. It introduces search as a central theme in the browsing experience. The concept is based on the way some people prefer to explore the web – by searching first, then browsing.

Version 1.0:

– Major search engines incorporated into the browser

– Preset and User customizable themes

– Search sources: web, news, local, wiki, video and images added

Languages Supported

– French, German, Italian, Spanish and English

Don’t know about you but I am looking forward to getting my hands on this one. If Favorites Hub is any indication of this developer’s work, then Terra Explorer is going to be a must have. Already reserved a spot on my Start screen.