So there’s this survey that talks about how much iPhone 4 user love their iPhones. Of course they do…they’re in lala land. Check this:

Owners of the iPhone 4 also “report experiencing fewer dropped calls” than owners of the previous model, the iPhone 3GS

Reconcile that with Steve Jobs who himself acknowledged that the “iPhone 4 drops less than one additional call per 100 than the 3GS”. Yes so that makes it more calls than the iPhone3GS and that’s a verifiable stat. So head in clouds? Up their asses? You decide;)

Sort of puts all of these surveys into perspective since the responders are delusional…


  1. Who’s got who’s heads up there asses? How long have we windows phone users been waiting and waiting and waiting… Wasn’t wp7 supposed to be out a year ago? meanwhile EVERYBODY i know has dropped ms and picked up an android or an iphone. i was a windows mobile user for years, flashing roms, searching for that fast stable rom with no hiccups or resets needed. never found it.

  2. I feel your pain, senorshaggo. I too believe that WP7 has taken too long to come out and, honestly, all the hype about it isn’t buying me.

  3. LOL… I really honestly believed that my Windows Mobile phone was superior. Well, to be fair, it was in many ways:

    -I never had to worry about having too many games on my phone (I mean, holy crap! I have over 45 games on my iPhone 4)

    -I never had to worry about breaking the glass (plastic just scratches)

    -I never had to worry about holding it wrong (holding my phone was dangerous sometimes… those winmo phones got hot!)

    -I never had to worry about finding a proprietary charger/data cable (I carried a USB cord with me EVERYWHERE because god knows I needed to.. battery life? HA!)

    -I was always well-versed with the flashing, hacking, and tweaking procedures (because the phone was useless without it)

    And the things I liked about WinMo over iPhone were the following:

    -Multitasking (fixed in iOS4 – if you don’t have an iOS4 device, or haven’t used one, then you can’t fully appreciate how well it works)

    -Free tethering via USB or WiFi (see and remember that free tethering was only possible via 3rd Party app or ROM flash until recently on WinMo)

    -Kinoma play

    -HTC Sense, SPB Mobile Shell

    That’s about it.

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