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Facebook secretly working an iPad app hidden in the iPhone app

We have all heard the moaning about the lack of a Facebook app for the iPad. The version Facebook has for the iPhone is and has always been outstanding, but where was the love for iPad owners? I am not a power user of Facebook and never had an issue keeping up to speed using Safari. But whole lot of folks do power use Facebook and want a better experience. After weeks of rumors and Facebook downplaying, it looks like we have proof that Facebook was just feeding us chin music and they were in fact hard at work at a robust app to appease the masses.

The folks over at Techcrunch have uncovered that buried within the Facebook app for the iPhone was a hidden pearl that the crew at Facebook have been hard at work developing, the iPad app. According to Techcrunch, the app is a rich HTML5 experience and they are loving it.

Check out the full gallery for what to expect in the Facebook for iPad app here: Techcrunch Gallery

Another source via Redmond Pie has shot a video of the iPad app and how to actually install it on a Jailbroken iPad.Check it out here:

Thanks Ramon @ Lifestyles Defined

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