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Acase Unveils the Weave Leather Sleeve for iPhone 5

This is kind of cool, it’s a leather case or actually a sleeve and it has a strap that you pull to make your iPhone 5 come out of the sleeve easier.  I’ve always found sleeve type cases to be protective but you’ve got to kind of turn it upside down and shake it to get your phone out which can be annoying and not exactly safe. Acase came up with a solution, just pull the tab and the phone just slides right out of the case.



Acase, designer and manufacturer of accessories for mobile devices, announces the availability of Weave, a stylish genuine leather sleeve with easy pull-out system for iPhone 5.
The Acase Weave is iPhone 5’s elegant leather glove, safeguarding it from scratches, dirt and bumps.   Ultra slim and highly protective, the Weave possesses a soft inner lining that cradles the iPhone 5 and an elastic strap system that propels the smartphone with a simple pull.
“The iPhone 5 has transformed into a fashion statement, but few cases reflect its elegance and subtle aesthetics,” said Tom Hsieh, sales and marketing manager of Acase.  “The Weave embraces the unequivocal feel of genuine leather, allowing users showcase the iPhone 5 while shielding it from everyday dangers.”
Manufactured using premium leather and hand-stitched to ensure ultimate sophistication, the Weave is now available in black, brown and dark brown for $24.95at and at