RIM ready to disown the PlayBook, considering exiting the tablet game

Well well well. What do we have here.

Collins Stewart analyst John Vinh made the claims in a note to investors Thursday morning, citing anonymous sources at RIM’s manufacturing partner Quanta. “While Quanta last week acknowledged that it had laid off a significant number of production workers from a factory focused on producing the PlayBook, our research indicates that the ODM has essentially halted production of the tablet, Vinh wrote. “Additionally, our due diligence indicates that RIMM has canceled development of additional tablet projects.” The move would be drastic, but hardly unforeseen; RIM shipped 500,000 PlayBook tablets in the slate’s launch quarter, and only 200,000 more in its first full quarter of availability.

Another one bites the dust? Indeed. RIM once again learning their lesson the hard way. Stick your nose where you do not belong and you will sorry. Sort of like Blackberry’s aimed at consumers. iPads and iPhones are aimed at consumers, unless you have something proper to partake in the festivities, stay home!

Enter Windows 8 tablets. To be continued….


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  1. You wrote that like a boss!

    But are you implying that W8 tablets will share the awesome penetration Windows Phone might experience someday presuming the world suddenly turns upside down?

    I got an idea for Microsoft, sort of an insurance plan if it isn’t a hit. Just claim they are PCs, blend the sales figures together mysteriously. Know what I mean? I’m sure that won’t be necessary, just thinking.

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