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Android > iPhone + Windows Phone 7 + Blackberry + Windows Mobile + Palm

You can say it’s quantity over quality if that makes you feel better but the Q4 figures from NPD show that Android swept the market with 53% of phone sales. Adding to the pummeling, as speculated, Windows Mobile outsold Windows Phone 7. And worse yet “Windows Phone 7 also entered the market with lower share than either Android or webOS at their debuts.” Microsoft, this is your wakeup call (since the others weren’t loud enough apparently). The stats:

Android 53%

iPhone 19%

RIM 19%

WM 4%

WP7 2%

PalmOS 2%

In related news:

Based on U.S. consumer purchases of mobile phones in Q4 2010, for the first time there were no feature-phone handsets in NPD’s top-five ranking. All top-selling mobile phone models were smartphones, as follows:

1. Apple iPhone 4
2. Motorola Droid X
4. Apple iPhone 3GS
5. Motorola Droid 2