Here is another cool windows phone 7 app called Roboprint. This app allows users to print to any printer any where as long as you install a small app on the computer that is attached to the printer. They currently have an android version of this app and they also have a WP7 coming soon. (Android Version)

A full featured printing application that will allow users to print from 3G or WiFi to any network connected printer, anywhere in the world. Print your emails, web pages, documents, whatever, wherever.

This sounds pretty cool and I could see a really huge use for this app. I could have an email printed out at work while I am on my way to work and have it waiting there for me so I can just rush into my meeting. Also you could be sitting on the couch browsing the internet and see something interesting that you wanted to print out you could print it right away and not have wait till you get on a computer. Also with this app you don’t need to get any special WiFi printer or anything like that. So whatever printer you have right now should work just fine.


  1. what i see is that the app i need for my wp7 is never available, and i am not talking about a specific one, every app i try to find is not still available, thing that does not happen to android users, i guess i am going back to my old android

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