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Mango Live Preview Summary 1

Communications. Applications.  Internet

These are the three things Microsoft is focusing the Windows Phone platform on.  Still taking shots at the app-centric nature of opposing platforms and how Mango will improve on that.

Wow, they just trotted on someone to showcase the communication aspect of Mango.  You can clearly see the Linked-email tile and improved live tiles.

You can actually see the pictures in the contact view now.  You also have a History panorama view that shows the latest contacts via phone, email, text, IM.  Wow, not expecting this at all.  Added seemingly everything anyone could need in a contact view.

Next up is the Group Contact tiles.  Inside the Group Contact tiles is the personal live tiles of everyone in the group.  You can also view the latest status to see if they are online or not and begin conversations.  Then they employ predictive text to head off typing errors.  They also are quick to mention that you can contact group members by phone, text, email, social networks, and IM.  If someone is offline then you will get a “smart-notice” that a contact is offline and you should try an alternate method of communicating.  Nice!

Source: Mr. VIP Ramon Trotman