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Sandbox is Free for iOS

Here’s another free game for you iOS users and it’s one that I think I want to get myself. Sure playing in a sandbox is more for kids but I’ve always liked playing in the sandbox. Obviously I can’t play in my kids sandbox but I can play in a virtual sadnbox for free and so can you.




Phyzios, Inc. (Head Office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President: Kentaro Suto; hereinafter, "Phyzios") released an iPhone/iPad application "Sandbox" on December 13, 2011. Build a mountain, a tunnel, or a sandcastle… Give full play to the imagination.

What is "Sandbox"?

Sandbox is an iPhone/iPad app that lets kids play with sand in various ways. In free-mode, users can play around in six types of sandboxes such as a normal sandbox, beach, Japanese garden, etc. Also, the app has five mini-games, for example "Treasure Hunting" and "Bury-A-Mole". Users can save their sand-works in their iPhone as photos, and also post them in the gallery to share them with other users from all over the world! Enjoy tapping sand and water flowing super-realistically, that only Phyzios’s original physics simulation technology can make come true.

Recommended Ways to Play

  • Draw a picture on a sand-canvas
  • Build tunnels digging sand with a shovel
  • Play with 3D toys
  • Share sand-works in the gallery
  • Build a huge sandcastle
  • Create ponds
  • Make a miniature world with 3D toys


  • Free mode
  • Sandbox: Play around in a normal sandbox
  • Beach: Play around in a wave-lapping beach
  • Rainy Sandbox: Play around in a rainy sandbox
  • Desert: Play around in a dry-wind-blowing desert
  • Japanese Garden: Create a Japanese-style garden
  • Mini-game mode
  • Save-the-Stick: Scrape away as much sand as possible, keeping a stick from falling
  • Treasure Hunting: Find treasures buried in a sandbox
  • Clamming: Dig out as many seashells as possible
  • Bury-A-Mole: Bury as many moles as possible into the sand
  • Canal: Connect all the flags with streams of water as quickly as possible

Overview of the app
Title: Sandbox
Data supplier: Phyzios, Inc.
Release date: December 13, 2011
Supported devices: iPhone 3GS,4,4S, iPad,iPad2, iPod touch (third generation or later) Supported iOS: iOS 4.0 or later
Available at: iTunes App Store
Price: Free (In-App Purchase $0.99~)!!/id478285635?mt=8