Everyone knows the Samsung Galaxy S II, arguabley the flagship of all Android devices (for the next 15 minutes) that should be coming out in the very near future. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and even Verizon will be rocking out a Sammy inspired spec driven rocket that has plenty of power courtesy of a dual core 1.2 GHz processor and the 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen. Love Android or hate it, this device gets attention. I know the Windows Phone folks are all about optimization, and how well the OS works, but there is no one reading this that did crack a smile or think how cool it is to have 1.2 GHz processor under the hood of their device. Why is Samsung making all these high end smartphones? Because according to them that’s “The Way We’re Wired”

This is a great commercial that displays Samsung’s well earned confidence in the smartphone market. It integrates the device nicely, especially at the end where it is needed, and sets the tone of the smartphone user who wants to “aspire” to be more than what they are. Samsung uses Dr. Martin Luther King, Robbie Knievel, and Rocky as testament that no one aspires to be “almost remembered’ and that there are no giant foam fingers that say number three on them.

It’s a one minute video that is pretty well done and some drooling content at the end where they feature the Samsung Galaxy S II.


  1. I saw someone post earlier that this is Samsung trying to be Apple. I laughed heartily. Is Apple supposed to have copyrighted the ability to produce a great, connecting commercial?

    We already know from the European sales that this thing is a beast. The thing is that it made me think of how absurd it is that carriers feel the need to rename devices. If someone looks at a Sprint ad and sees the Samsung Epic Touch 4G will they know its the Galaxy S II? The commercial says clearly Galaxy S II. Thats an issue. Carriers need to leave the naming to OEMs.

  2. @Murani Lewis: Totally agree Murani, I realize I have an iPhone 4, but I have never been an Apple fan if that makes any sense. This commercial to me connected. I got confidence from Samsung and not the Apple arrogance. Plus 1 Samsung, keep kickin’ ass with killer devices. I’m still going to have to hang with HTC and the Eternity at this point. The iPhone 5 is going to have to be really impressive to get my purchase. I have already decided if it is less than a 4 inch screen, I’m sticking with the iPhone 4 and upgrading to iOS 5.

  3. @Doug Smith: When Apple announced the iPhone 4 at the WWDC I said to myself that they would have to keep that screen for a couple years at least. Don’t know what size the screen will be but it would seem like it’d make so much financial sense to run a huge number of that screen size opposed to having to change it every year.

    Apple to me treats people like kids. They show them the bare minimum but doable aspects of the OS. Takes away all the things in a commercial that could distract your attention from what they are saying and shown and it works. I’ve always thought everyone else’s marketing was too smart for their own good.

    I plan on getting an iPhone this fall in addition to picking up a new Windows Phone and even a Samsung with ICS. I want to use all OSes so that I can at least know what I or am not missing from experience.

  4. MLK Jr did not aspire to be remembered at all. What he did was for the people, with no thought of being remebered. this is fucked

  5. I see your point here, but in all honesty, I think any disrespect was unintentional. I’m hoping you watched the video, it is pretty clear they are honoring MLK and had no intentions of diminishing his acts or suggesting he did this in any way for his own self glory.

  6. This brief clip of Dr. Martin Luther King is magnetic and exquisitely edited.  The fire in him is so apparent.  I can never take my eyes off him in that ad.  And the rest of the ad fits so well as an inspirational piece. 

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