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Android’s Facebook App passes iOS in daily users

mark-android-facebookFor the first time Google’s Android mobile app for Facebook as passed iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) in daily traffic. According to WSJ, 58.8 million people used Android’s Facebook app daily compared to Apple’s trifecta of devices that used the iOS Facebook app only 57.6 times. Windows Phone users might mutter under their breath when someone mentions how iOS always seems to get the updated apps before any other platform, and updates on software form competing devices like Microsoft’s Bing app. However, the tide seems to be turning there too as Android was the first to get the new Facebook update featuring Timeline last week where Apple released it’s update last night.

There is more good news for Android as well regarding Facebook. According to ZDNet, even though the monthly active users for  Android is lower than iOS, 86.1 million to 99.5 million for Apple, Android users return to use the Facebook app 68.3 percent more than iPhone users who return 57.9% daily.

So has Facebook developers favoring Android more these days than long time mobile pal Apple? Facebook, who has only just recently released a Tablet version of their app for iPad owners, still have not released and equivalent Android Tablet version. Sales obviously being a driving factor here as Android, even with spec driven monster tablets, fails to meet consumer expectations with user experience with Honeycomb, the Android operating system for tablets.  It could be perhaps next year with Ice Cream Sandwich rolling out on handsets, that an updated Tablet OS could spark more Android Tablet sales and help developers like Facebook, jump on board like they have done with the smartphone versions of their apps.