What? I’m not calling them dorks. They called each other dorks. I’m just reporting! LOL Okay, seriously we got a quick video from the Samsung (cough) dorks that are showing off their new app called Voicetalk. The first dork shoots the second dork a text and when he double taps the home button and a brief moment of uncertainty, a pretty cool app comes to life called Voicetalk that converts your texts into audio texts in the form of a pretty cold female robot voice. After hearing the voice text you can reply to the text with voice commands and send a message back to the original sender. Seems to work pretty cool so I thought I would post this as Sprint, T-Mobile, and the Death Star all will be releasing their own version of the SGS2 shortly.



  1. And anyone wonder why Apple is laying the ban hammer on Samsung? Btw I own an HD7 but Samsung is just like a typical Japanese company.. copy copy copy copy and copy. Recently they also launched their own IM app and I couldn’t just imagine how they try to compete everywhere..competition is good but how they go about it is just wrong.

  2. Jimmy: You got your Asians mixed up. It’s the mainland Chinese who copy, the Japanese are awesome and Samsung is South Korean. Yes, yes I know all Asians (especially the Orientals) look alike, but as proud whites let’s try a little harder in this department okay buddy?

    The Japanese do not copy copy copy, you fairy. You know what the Japanese are known for? Giving us billions for Katrina, and then when they had their latest tsunami earthquake ordeal, all those fishermen towns getting wiped out just like that with plenty of youtube clips showing us their younger men sacrificing themselves to save old women from low ground, did you know that over 85% of the missing money was turned in by concerned citizens? Only in Japan. Don’t you dare mix them up with mainland China you piece of shit.

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