New to the Windows Phone marketplace for Samsung users is an app called Ebook. Any guesses on what it is? Here’s their description:

ebook is an application to help you read ebooks. There are three panorama screens which show you what you are currently reading, your local library and the internet ebook shop. It has many tools to improve your reading experience such as zoom, bookmark, search, scrap, background color, etc. Furthermore, it can download ebooks from ell-known Internet content provider Kobo.

Interestingly, when you first load it, it tells you that it contains Reader Mobile technology from Adobe. When you go to search it says it’s searching the Kobo market so that seems to really be what this is – a Kobo ebooks reader.

Because it’s new to the market you need to actually go into the Samsung section in marketplace and then go to find more apps from this developer and only then will it appear. It is free though and it has a familiar look to it…like those iPhone commercials that keep telling me about the device I don’t have.

Thanks as always for the tip wp7ap!


  1. I read on another site about this app. The said you can read your books or buy some from Kobo. Was wondering how do you get your books on there?

  2. @BennyJ: you do have to log in to Kobo so I presume when you log in you can access your books…but I don’t have a Kobo account so I’m not positive:)

  3. I don’t either. I had some ebooks on my computer. Just wondered if I could get them into this app some kind of way. I know about Freda, but was gonna try this out.

  4. @BennyJ: since you can’t get local data onto phones you either need an app that can download them locally to storage or covnert them to pdf and then you can email them to yourself

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  6. […] of you with Samsung Windows Phones, it looks like they’ve made their own eBook reader (via Kobo) for your […]

  7. I have a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 and though I can get the the app in the market place by clicking the link above, there is no way to download and install it. I want this app, but how do I get it? What is going on with this?

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