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Highly rate Android and iPhone game Dream Sleuth comes to Windows Phones

imageNeat game that’s pretty popular for iPhone and Android (where it has over 500k downloads and 4 stars). 

Dream Sleuth – the high rated hidden object game among iOS and Android users is now available for Windows Phone! One night Catherine, the main hero, had a rather peculiar dream about a missing girl. Since there wasn’t any new information and the police were baffled by the case she decided to conduct her own investigation. It’s up to you to question witnesses, compare facts and rumors, and find all the evidence you can… but the ‭most important information will continue to come to you in your dreams. Dream Sleuth is more than just hidden objects hunts: find clues, solve puzzles, play mini-games to solve this mysterious case! We don’t recommend playing this game at night. It might cause you to have weird dreams.

Here’s a video of it for Android.

It’s free to try, $3 to own.

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