samsung-kies-air-software-galaxy-s-2Samsung has been shooting a series of videos on their Galaxy S II device about to be released here in the United States from a SGS2 device. They have actually been pretty informative and I have already a posted on a few of them. Appearing in the videos is Jo, who does not appear to be in the actual tech department but more in the marketing side, and Nick, the tech guy. Today Nick is demonstrating a very cool feature of theSGS2 which is Kies Air. For everyone coming over from Windows Mobile, Kies Air is a sort of Soti Pocket Controller app with some very interesting changes. The biggest is that you can sync your SGS2 wirelessly to your PC and run the Kies Air software from a browser which means no app to install. Demonstrated in the video on Google’s Chrome browser, the Kies Ari software will work on IE, Safari, and Firefox browsers as well.

Kies Air displays all of the contents of your phone including pictures, videos, ringtones, music, bookmarks as well as call logs can be synced wirelessly to your PC. Another really cool feature that I really miss is the ability to send SMS from my phone via my PC. I used that with my HD2 every day. 

Kies Air really looks like handy piece of software and the video is worth the watch. Check it out and drop a comment. Anyone getting the AT&T Sammy GS2 on 10/2? Holla!


  1. Wow I hadn’t realized how much I’ve the ability to all of those things.

    I’m still waiting to decide what to do with my AT&T account. I’ve given myself until Christmas to see what really hits the streets. But the SGS II is awfully tempting.

  2. Actually, their final statement that Kies is the first to implement this feature is inaccurate. Motorola Phone Portal has been available for some time now.

    So Mr. Smith, when you submit your Droid review, should we expect to see it in action from you on your new video camera?


  3. @BRYAN B: I thought they were talking about being wireless and syncing? Not sure, but the software is pretty cool regardless.

    I have been pestering Verizon and they finally shipped me the Droid Bionic. Hey, being the 1,358 thousandth person to review it is still fine right? Hell, it’s been out for a month. Oh well, at least Verizon is sending me stuff to review and return. HTC just laughs. What new video camera are you talking about. I aint gots no money for better equipment. Still rocking my old camera.

  4. Motorola Phone Portal is wireless, you enter an IP address into your pc to connect. They now also have Zummocast which is similar, I think, I haven’t tried it on my Atrix. I supose I should find the apk. Android check it out.


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