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Handango Free App Friday: 3D Nine Hole Golf!

What a great lead into the Father’s Day Weekend! Here is a little Free App Friday Goodness brought to you by Handango and this week is a good one! OmniGSoft – 3D Nine Hole Golf which is a $19.95 value is yours today for the very low price of FREE! If you like Golf, If you like mobile gaming, and you really like FREE, head on over to Handango and get yours ASAP! Remember you will have to have an account or enter your credit card information in first, which rubs some people the wrong way, but in the end, it’s a great game for FREE!

Watch the U.S. Open Golf Tour from Pebble Beach AND play golf on your Smartphone at the same time.  Why would you want to spend your weekend any other way? 3D Nine Hole Golf provides unique real-time 3D graphics that make this golf game stand apart from the rest. Easy control and challenging elements offer great action play for the golf addict and the mobile gamer alike.   Download 3D Nine Hole Golf for FREE by using 100% off code FAF618.

Gameplay includes:

  • Real-time scene rendering and sophisticated 3D camera with particle effects allow you to easily track the ball’s flying trail
  • Realistic ball physics reflect the player’s stroke choice, terrain, wind direction and intensity
  • Play three luxurious golf courses, each with a distinct landscape and climate for a total of 27 holes
  • Available for BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile Touch Screen & Standard, and Symbian.

CLICK HERE to head on over to Handango!