I just came across this video and thought I would share it with you. It is Samsung’s Flexible OLED Display being shown off on prototype device called the Youm at the 2013 CES Show. This flexible display is pretty amazing and seeing it work live on a device makes you wonder how many devices would have been saved from cracked screens if this would have been on them? Not only that, the colors on the prototype devices are pretty vibrant. What’s also pretty cool is how the screen can be wrapped around an edge. So on a laptop or tablet that is closed or covered, you could get notifications on the side of the device.

Check out the video display and see for yourself how cool Sammy’s new Flexible OLED Screen really is.

Via Twitter @adamsconsulting


  1. i am struggling to put this into a decent use case. the concept shown with the side of the screen looks fairly silly.

  2. I don’t think we are there yet for practical uses but I suspect that many could be found. Military initially in my mind. Imagine the awesome uses it could have in the field when size and space matters.

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