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Angry Birds Valentine Edition coming February 14th

valentinesdayangrybirdsDamnit! I am so addicted to this game! I know the hardcore tech guys laugh at such time wasting endeavors as folly, but things move so fast in my day that any escape into a simplistic game like Angry Birds is a welcomed relief. It is true that the basic game play is simple. Yank a bird back in a sling shot and let rip at some pigs buried beneath any number of different barricades. The game does challenge you to find new ways to get at the pigs which is the hook. Did I mention it is the number one downloaded game for the iPhone? So a lot of folks seem to agree but I take no absolution for my addiction to this damn game!

Angry Birds is set to release another holiday version for Valentines Day which seems a bit ironic to me. None the less look forward to seeing the Angry Birds more pissed off then ever after being remade in pink. Device platforms for the Valentines Day (pig massacre?) have yet to be disclosed but it is reasonable to assume that iOS and Android will get it.

The video below is really interesting as it gives some background into the developers of Angry Birds and interviews Mikael Hed, CEO and co-founder of Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds. He also indicates future plans for Angry Birds and the massive marketing that is going into the retail products that surround the game.

[via: Pocket Lint]