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Your Solar Panels Don’t Have To Be Ugly Anymore

There is a major initiative by many companies as well as the government to get more people to use renewable energy. One very popular form of renewable home energy is putting solar panels on your house top and using the suns energy to power your home. In some cases extra energy can be sold back to your local power company. It’s a big investment that takes a long time to pay for itself but the result on the environment is without questions and consumers initial investment into renewable energy will drive an evolving market for more innovation and cost effectiveness. Yeah that’s great, the damn solar panels look like crap on my house! Perhaps not anymore my environmentally but aesthetically conscious friends! Check out these new home solar panels that look like glass!

Made by SolTech, the solar panels lay under a beautiful glass roof tile as you can see above. The SolTech tile is manufactured of highly transparent glass with low content of iron oxide and has a double bend that looks like a standard ceramic tile.

The design enables the SolTech tile to be fitted together with various complementary products made for traditional concrete tiles, such as specific fittings, seals, gaskets etc.

Low level of iron oxide gives the tile a light silver or gray tone, influenced by the color of the underlying material (absorber) and the sky when installed. The surface of the SolTech tile is smooth and corresponds to that of glazed tiles.

The SolTech folks are located in Sweden and there was not indication of cost on the glass panels. Hopefully solar and renewable energy will become more cost friendly for the masses so we can take advantage of solar energy also. Oh yeah, and save the planet.

Thanks Marti!