samsung-galaxy-s-2-invite-8-29-new-yorkWe have been talking about it for months now and wondering if the red hot Android device from Samsung, the Galaxy S II would ever make it to the US? We have some FCC appearances and some AT&T news which could indicate a SGS2 plus a slider version as well, but nothing concrete. Today is no different other than we have gotten word that Sammie is planning “a major product announcement” on August 29th in New York. Of course speculation has already run wild that we will see replacement for the high successful Galaxy S device that received major carrier support during it’s run. AT&T had the Captivate, T-Mobile had the Vibrant, Verizon had the Fascinate, and Sprint had the Epic 4G.

Samsung does not let this press release go without dropping a few hints! Firs there is the Roman Numeral II at the bottom which makes us think at least part of the announcement will be about the US launch of the SGS2, but also as Engadget noticed, the image of the announcement is named "Galaxy_S_II_Invite_v2.jpg," which almost clinches it.

Two more weeks people and we will have the whole story from Samsung. Stay tuned!


  1. Please be the Nexus Prime please please and please tell me by early September so I know to spend less on the first anniversary…

    HTC, feel free to cough up a Nexus too, I’ll forget that your screens aren’t as badass as those Koreans’ tech.

  2. My mate just gave up his HD2 flashed with WP7 for the SGS2 here in Australia. Not too shabby. Feels like your holding a massively oversized credit card. Plastic galore. Very very thin and light. Absolutely an iPhone 4 ripoff, lucky if you get about 14hrs battery life with average usage. Nice and very functional, actually made me think of what Windows Mobile could have been of they kept it going.

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