There’s an odd new theme going on in Marketplace. For the second time in the last two weeks an app has been approved and released into the Marketplace where the tile image shown in Marketplace has nudity. The first app has since had its tile image changed. The one shown here was just made live in Marketplace. No I’m not giving you link- do you own work.

Now I’m not here to end the fun for everyone, but if there’s not parental controls then this stuff can’t be open in the Marketplace like this. So either put controls in place and let it go in or you have to take this stuff out. That’s just the nature of a regulated market…

Anyway, if anyone from MS is listening, hit us up and we can give you the link.


  1. Interesting that if I were to upload a screenshot of this app to my SkyDrive, it would probably be locked down for displaying pornography. Wonder why they can’t use the same filter.

  2. Ohhh, that’s nasty! Though seen worst published on this blog. I bet no one here have seen tits before :) Tits are censored?

  3. David,

    Would you mind emailing me the app title for that app? the obvious searches didn’t bring that up.


  4. The Marketplace is the worst thing about wp7/ MS has managed to create a hybrid that is the worst of both world’s: restrictive, like apple but unbelievably android–sloppy/low quality at the same time. (Sadly there is no bar at all set for quality as they once seemed to imply.) When this app gets pulled for the artwork will the person who approved it be called into account? I fully expect there to be malware apps a la android in the marketplace one day because the people who review apps don’t seem to be even remotely doing their jobs. Granted this is a small thing but it is indicative of the larger indifference/neglect that seems to drive the marketplace guardians.

  5. Did you say that skydrive has a nudity filter? I did not know that.
    I uploaded groups of team photos, and documents, never tried nudity.
    Gonna have to check that out. Thanks for the info.

  6. Once the app gets installed, it shows a different icon though. But definitely an interestingly stu*id app, and the marketplace shows different primary image than the app’s actual one.

  7. @Ben_Riga What are those rules, exactly? I can tell you that I can just look at top or free apps (without searching) and see apps that I, as a heterosexual female, would roll my eyes and say, “Boys…” at.
    What is “too far?” There seem to be several that have “adult filters” on “by default” – is that how they can circumvent any decency rules?

  8. @MartiM The rules are detailed in the cert requirments:

    In this case Content Policy 3.6 would apply:

    3.6 Adult Related Content

    Content not allowed:

    Sex / Nudity – Images that are sexually suggestive or provocative (e.g. sexually provocative touching, bondage, masturbation); provocative images that reveal nipples, genitals, buttocks, or pubic hair.

  9. if you don’t like it – don’t install it. if you have children, be a parent, and don’t expect someone else to filter the world for you.

  10. @anonymous Yes, I agree in principle. Unfortunately, in a sue-crazy, blame-someone-else-mentality society, MS *does* have to tread carefully on this. There are a couple of items in the Marketplace (see developer Bottomless) that *could* be borderline – they have “adult filters” that default to on, but can be turned off. That may be enough to skirt the rules and still not get in trouble, but…

    Okay, so obviously I need to learn to develop enough to pull pictures of bare-chested, boxer-or-brief-wearing guys to balance out the cheesecake. No problem. I say equal time! You guys have Hooters; I want a bar called Cocks…

  11. @Ben_Riga Actually, I think the one that will get you is the next one: “Content that a reasonable person would consider to be adult or borderline adult content (images, text, or audio).” That’s awfully broad and incredibly subjective. I, for instance, would consider a scantily-clad female pulling down on bikini/shirt/other top to show excessive boob/cleavage or pulling down/away from the intended resting area of a bottom (bikini, underpants, Daisy Dukes, whatever) to be suggestive, especially when combined with certain facial expressions. As they seem to usually be. It’s much more than, say, the come-hither bedroom eyes of the classic actresses like Deitrich, West, Davis, etc.

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