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WHOAH Where2Go 2.0 Beta WP7 Is Rockin’

I know I’ve been knee deep in the WP7 Kool-Aid and I wasn’t planning on doing another post about it today but I just saw this and simply can’t resist. This is a really really full featured app. So much so that I’ll give you the video but hit the jump for the details because you have to see what this thing is capable of. The devs description (which are not exaggerated) are “Where2Go (W2G) is the all-in-one travel companion app which is designed by (constant) travelers, developed by travelers who are also developers, for the travelers around the world to help them enjoy their trip better than ever! It’s not because this app is beautiful and full of eye candy – this app is what we have been waiting for since the dawn of smart phone time!” This is about a dozen apps in one.


This is straight from their website:

Never Rush to the closing gates…again!

W2G developers are travelers too, and we know that “normal” calendar on smart phones are simply were not designed for dynamic nature of travelling. Meets FlexAgenda, the smart and location-aware calendar which will make sure that you will always have enough time and enjoy your trip.

For FlexAgenda to work, you just specify 3 simple rules: When you want to get there, how long you will be there and are you “serious“ about it!? Then, FlexAgenda will does the rest for you to make sure that you will not miss the plane or that once-every-10-years sunset.

In case you are curious, this is what it does:

  • calculates the time requires to move you from one place to another, and adjust the time that you set accordingly
  • if you are staying at a place for too long than the allotted time, the agenda adjust automatically to compensate
  • after adjustments, if you are “serious” about certain item – you will get a notification that you will be late for that item!

More Notable Features:

  • Local Weather forecast and temperature
  • Flashing Dot showing the current agenda that is in proximity
  • Background is dynamic and changed to match the place you are currently in proximity!

Trip is not only about traveling, you can use W2G’s FlexAgneda to keep track of your reservation codes and everything else.
With “seriously”, FlexAgenda will make sure that you know in advance that you will be late for the plane.

Taxi taking you in circle? No Way!

With W2G directions feature, you know exactly where you are going. It will constantly show you the direction of the next attraction that you will be going. Unlike normal online mapping solutions, W2G Map use your bandwidth only once to download the map and still provide you with real time position. It’s not only saving you from paying extra taxi fare but also help you save the bandwidth cost!


More Notable Features

  • Speaking of bandwidth cost, we also provide you with best pre-paid data plan deals which only the locals knows
  • Speak up! – don’t worry if you don’t speak Thai. We have provided the pre-recorded voice to help you “speaks” to them to get the SIM you want.

    “Smart” Transit Map
    W2G features a unified BTS (Sky Train) and MRT (Underground Metro) transit system map. It’s fully pinch-zoom-pan-able, so you don’t need to take the photo of the system map for reference (as we normally do) again!

    Where To Go in the transit!?

    Well, it would not be so smart if we just show the map and call it “smart” transit map. We gives you the best route between two station among systems too! (stations that is not part of the shortest route is dimmed)

    * We are looking for an API to get the CellID – we have our own underground cell id to station mapping which would be useful!

    Time to fill the Gap!

    Been there and it’s not like what you expected? Never mind, our Recommender system is at your service! It will takes your travel style, photography style, how you want to gets around, kind of food you like and how you like staying in Bangkok into account and find out the place that you likely wanted to go. Every place comes with a description and photo of it.

    A Whole New Way to Share

    You discover that neat photo taking spot? Found the delicious food stand? Don’t miss out the opportunity to share! Send a “Postcard” to the world and it will be “attached” to the place you are currently in proximity. So when other W2G travelers passed by and read your post card – they will know. And don’t be shy to share, this is completely anonymous.

    Giving tips in a more comfortable way, you are completely anonymous with our postcard system.

    Photos can also be used as the postcard front. We are going to upgrade the system to have different postcard backs for each city too! – so it would be quite a collectible.
    Maybe we will even allow user to send the real postcard with the actual post office stamp to recipient – if we have funding, who knows?

    Check-in with FourSquare

    • When you mark the agenda that you have “visited” the place, W2G also check you in at FourSquare. Why only FourSquare? because FourSquare links with Facebook and Twitter! So you only have to do it once and updates all – saving you time and the bandwidth cost if we found the venue in four square, the todo list will also be added to your item’s note.


    It does not ends here

    No client side application would be complete without its web based companion. is where you go when you want to create a trip, see the place detail and tips (in the postcard form) and vote for the photo that best suitable for the place.

    We have a big plan for our Where2Go Project and the client is actually downloading data live from backend running on this server, the Silverlight RIA which is under development, is schedule to be opened in Q4 2010.

    Why 2.0?

    Jirawat (nantcom) is one of the team member in which won Thailand’s Imagine Cup 2004 – he decided to make the dream alive again as all the technology to make it happen has went mainstream and all available in WP7!

    You can hit up their website and donate to the project if you want.